Over the years I have developed many different workshops for my own company, my work at Royal Talens and for companies. I provide workshops both online and on location . My expertise is mixed media (mixed techniques), in which I stick material in my work and / or I use different materials to apply color. The duration of a workshop can vary from an hour, afternoon to a full day program. Workshops can be adapted in terms of material to the material that is available. Most of the work is abstract and when it comes to figurative work I teach the participants how to transfer an image to the background. Drawing skill is therefore not necessary.

  • Product knowledge

    Part of my creative process is experimenting with different materials. Because of this and my work at Royal Talens, I have built up an enormous amount of knowledge over the years. From all kinds of different painting materials.

    Product knowledge 
  • Mixed media

    My expertise!! Nice to get acquainted with different painting materials and techniques. Also a free technique for which you don't have to be able to draw. I have now developed more than 30 workshops.

    Video Mixed Media course 
  • Acrylic pouring

    An indispensable technique. Pouring acrylic paint. A very fun (and addictive) technique that everyone can do. I have now developed a number of different workshops with this technique.

    Video acrylic pouring 
  • Watercolor

    With Watercolor you work (as the name says) with a lot of water. A technique that is very popular, but not the easiest. Of course I give it a mixed media twist by adding pen and / or marker.

  • Textile

    Most mixed media workshops can also be performed on fabric. When it comes to a decorative work, we use acrylic paint. For garments we work with textile paint, so that the piece can be washed.

    Video ecoline on textile 
  • Minis

    For trade fairs I develop special workshops of a maximum of 1.5 hours. I develop these workshops around a technique or product. And because they are so short, they are ideal for getting creative with several smaller groups.

    Video pearl paint