When making mixed media art, mediums also come into play. There are now many mediums on the market. All with different properties. Over the years I have worked with many of these mediums.

    Acrylic paint

    Acrylic paint is the most commonly used paint for me to apply color. In any form, the liquid inks, the markers or just the paint from a jar. All of them can be used interchangeably.


    Inks come in many forms. Actually, all ink is just a little bit different. You can apply them in different ways, but it is important to know what the properties are.


    Under the water-soluble paint I classify both the watercolor and the gouache. Not the easiest paints to work with. Yet the properties of this paint give a different but also beautiful result.

    Pastels & pencils

    Pastels or the chalk-like application of similar materials are wonderful to work with. Just because they are so soft. Nice for setting up work or to soften sharp lines.

    Pens & markers

    Pens usually used for finishing or signing. Yet they can play a major role in refining a work. Keep an eye on the properties.