Kunstlijn groot succes!

Art line a great success!

Artist Siona Snel took part in the first weekend of the Kunstlijn (art route) in Haarlem on November 4 and 5. These were rainy days, but that did not prevent many visitors from coming to take a look at her studio in Vosmaerstraat.

"For the Kunstlijn I had removed as much furniture as possible from the living room, so that my paintings could be seen to their best. Adjacent to the living room I have a small studio, where I worked during the Kunstlijn."

In addition to the success of the Kunstlijn, Siona also received a nomination. The professional jury of the Kunstlijn were deeply moved by Siona's work, which was included in a retrospective exhibition. This was organized by the Kunsten Huis in Haarlem. The painting entitled "Ground Frost" is an abstract artwork that Siona created in 2022 and was inspired by a period of uncertainty in her life.

"I usually paint without a pre-arranged plan, so it is always a surprise to me what happens. Usually I can only determine afterwards what inspired me to create a work. While painting I give my thoughts free rein, which emotions are given free rein and thus become visible in my work."

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