Kunstenaar Siona Snel toegelaten tot de KZOD

Admitted to the KZOD

In 2023, artist Siona Snel moved to Haarlem for love. She would like to expand her artistic activities in Haarlem. In addition to selling her art, she also started giving mixed media painting techniques workshops and courses on Fridays at Hart in Haarlem.

"When I had just moved, I started looking for artistic activities here in the city. I soon came across the artists' association KZOD. They organize exhibitions, among other things, but are also committed to art and culture in the city. What immediately struck me appealed"

Balloting takes place before registration with the KZOD. Siona showed her work together with 4 other artists in Galerie de Waag. Where the work was viewed by the balloting committee. At the end of October the redeeming word finally came. Siona has been admitted to the KZOD.

"I look forward to showing my work to the public in Haarlem. I also hope to actively contribute to the association and thus come into contact with other artists."

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