mixed media workshop

New mixed media workshops at Hart in Haarlem!

What is mixed media?

With mixed media you work with different media to apply color or you paste something into your work of art. The possibilities are endless. Everything is possible and everything is good.

"Working with mixed media techniques gives me freedom. I can bring every thought that comes to mind to life. It gives me peace and not thinking is important. The moment I let go of my thoughts, emotions become more important. role and you can see that in my paintings."

Siona recently also made the course available as individual lessons. This gives you the opportunity to become acquainted with mixed media painting, without having to take an entire course.

During Siona's workshops you will learn a mixed media technique with acrylic paint, ink, soft pastels or oil pastels. You can also sometimes use collage techniques. Siona shows layer by layer how she constructed the work. Of course you have the freedom to choose your own colors and shape. Each work is therefore different at the end of the workshop.

Siona has been teaching mixed media for over 10 years. Part of mixed media painting is experimenting. Through these experiments and her work at Royal Talens, she has acquired enormous knowledge about all kinds of painting materials. She is happy to share this knowledge with you!

"Teaching is important to me. I enjoy inspiring you and surprising you with the results. My goal is to let you experience how liberating it can be to paint, without necessarily having to produce something beautiful." The experience you gain during the workshop will also make you look differently at the materials you have in your closet at home. My ultimate wish is that you get to work with them and thus enrich your life."

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