Graphic design

In addition to making art, I also have a graphic background. I have made graphic work for various companies and organizations in recent years. Below are a number of job opportunities that I can offer. Are you looking for something not listed below? Send me an e-mail without obligation to Then we'll see if there's anything I can do for you.

  • web design

    Over the years I have designed and built websites for various clients. I find it a challenge to get the most out of the program with which the site is built.

  • Photography

    You come across photography in many ways. Whether it concerns capturing a creative process or creating atmospheric images. I now have a whole archive of nature photos and creative atmospheric images.

  • Roadmap

    I am regularly asked to photograph a creative process in steps for publication online or in a magazine. I provide both the photos and text for this. Of course, it will be decided in consultation what the end result will be.

  • Brochures

    There is still a demand for paper advertising. From brochure to business cards. It's still nice to get something that I shape digitally in my hands on paper. Of course it is no problem to take the house style into account.

  • Videography

    Videos are increasingly used as an advertisement, especially for social media. In addition to filming the creative process, I also edit videos and add photos and texts where necessary.

  • Illustrations

    Besides making abstract art I also love to illustrate. I use watercolor and for the fine details pens and markers. Illustrations can be used in different ways. For eg posters or cards.